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Bitwise and Logical AND Operators

A single AND operator (&) represents the bitwise AND operator in java. While the double AND operators (&&) are known as Logical AND operators in java.

Bitwise AND Operator

A bitwise operator produces a 1 bit if both the operands are also 1. A zero(0) is produced in all other left cases. For example:

10010001  31  &	00110011  51 	--------------	00010001  19

Logical AND Operator

A bitwise Logical AND operators are used to control the loops and conditional statements, it always return true if both conditions are true, it usually returns either true or false. For example:

Table of Contents

  1. Bitwise and Logical AND Operators
  2. Bitwise…

A Google API Key is credentials for an authenticated user, to use services of Google such as YouTube, Google Docs, Google Maps, Blogger, etc. In this tutorial, you will understand the concept of how to get a Google API Key for particular services such as YouTube.


Google APIs Key

Google APIs are application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by Google. APIs use for communication between clients and Google services and also provide the integration to the other services. There are a lot of Google APIs You can get them from APIs Explorer.

Table of Contents

  1. Google APIs Key
  2. How To Get Google APIs…

How to use Openweathermap APIs using PHP ?

In order to fetch the data we need an API key, Just go to the website of OpenWeatherMap and create a new account then get the API Key.
Before making an API call please make sure you get the City Name, State Code, and Country code to fetch the data.

e.g city name = Delhi , state code = IN, country code = IN

The following URL is used to fetch the data, we are assuming that you have your own credentials (API Key) e.g appid=d62ca415a6b61d8927e6d87b8c42

Reference :

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